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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all your wishes come true!
Good vibes for everyone and have a nice time!
Be good kids ^_~
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Merry Christmas!!!

A short entry only to wish you all Merry Christmas!!!!!
Hope you're having a great time. Don't do bad thing eh! XD
Ok. That's all.

See ya on New Year!
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Haropro Champuru Concert Review

For this entry I decided to make a review of the Hello!Project Chanpuru concert. There were some old j-pop songs in this concert that I like, so I wanted to see the girls performances of these songs.

So here we go!

1. Guruguru JUMP
*Great song to start the concert.
*Risako sings a lot better now <3
*Ai-chan and her voice really stand out from the rest!

2. Piriri to Yukou!
*I really like this song
*Berryz is LOVE

3. aMa no Jaku
*S/mileage... don't know any of the girls XD
*The song is ok
*Outfit is ok
*Voices are normal haropro level XD

4. Omakase Guardian
*Aika is cute
*I like Socko voice
*Chorus is catchy

5. Minimoni. Jankenpyon
*Song is still catchy "uno dos tres cuatro"
*Being objective, the performance was good. Being biased, I prefer the original mini-moni T_T

6. Sekai wa Summer Party
*The intro of the song reminds me of Jet's song "Are you gonna be my girl"
*This girl can't sing T_T

7. Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu
*I like this song!
*Glad to see this wasn't a Maimi/Airi solo and all the girls sang :D
*Good performance!

8. Seishun Bus Guide
*Berryz!!! <3
*Gaaaah Socko is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
*I really like this song!
*Captain looks great
*Miya is really pretty
*Berryz could be easily my favorite group of haropro right now. I like all the girls

9. Nanchatte Renai
*Koharu can't sing yet T_T
*Ai-chan is A-W-E-S-O-M-E
*Sayu can't sing either T_T
*I don't liked Risa hairstyle

10. Shouganai Yume Oibito
*This song is LOVE
*Reina is really cute <3

11. Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~
*Mmm... uninteresting

12. Yume to Genjitsu.
*Awesome song!
*Miya, Airi and the new girl sang really good!
*Cool outfits!

13. Pira! Otome no Onegai
*Nothing like 2nd gen Pucchi Moni!!!!
*Funny song!
*At least Saki can sing XD
*But, Pucchi Moni should be 3 girls, right? Why are only Mano and Saki?

14. Heya to Y Shirt to Watashi
*I love Reinana outfit! She looks soooo cute!!!
*Not big fan of her voice here, but even so, she sang well.

15. Umbrella
*I don't like the outfits XD
*Song is ok
*Kame is cute

16. MY BOY
*I love this song!
*The three girls sounds great!
*I like those outfits

17. JUMP
*Socko <3
*I hadn't listened this song before, I like it!

18. Cosmos
*I love this song since I saw a performance with Aya and Masashi Sada
*Not really fan Ai-chan dress
*Beautiful performance

*Socko!!!! <3 <3 <3
*I like you Sayu, but you can't sing T_T almost kill the song
*Song is too awesome that even Sayu's bad voice couldn't kill it XD
*Not bad JunJun, not bad
*Socko you rocks!!! Only Only Only Only Only

*This song is great!
*Nooo Gaki T_T you kill that Yagu solo ¡_¡
*I didn't like the performance

*Love this song!
*Really bad armonies
*Nop, nop. I don't think this is a song for a group
*Man... they destroyed this song T_T
-Goes to watch Aya's perf of this song in Uta Doki

22. C\C (Cindrella\Complex)
*Forgot to say I like their outfits
*Now this was a great performance!!!!

23. Special Generation
*This song is simple amazing!
*Berryz keeps getting better in their performances
*Nice outfits!
*yeah! I'm a berryz fan if you haven't noticed yet hahaha

24. Tokaikko Junjou
*hahaha love Chinami desinterested face XD
*Oh yeah, Airi solo XD luckily she doesn't sing bad
*Favorite cute song
*Ok, I just noticed Maimai is missing XD

25. Resonant Blue
*Ok, I really used to like this song a lot, but I'm getting tired of it
*Good performance though
*Don't like those dresses

26. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenaijan!
*WT... with those outfits x_x
*Song was ok

27. Koko ni Iruzee!
*I really need to be excited with a concert to fully enjoy this song, this time it wasn't like that so... not too much to say here

28. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!
*This song always remind me to Yocchan's gradu, so I get emotional everytime I listened to it (specially with the original members)
*Ai-chan really sweats a lot hehe XD
*~La la la La la la la...
*Yocchan ¡_¡

So my conclusion is:
The concert was so so, there are many girls I didn't know exist and any of them were of my interest, most of the girls sound the same and some of them can't sing T_T.
I don't think I'm gonna watch this concert again.

P.S.1 This is just my opinion, I KNOW people don't think the same and there are many differents opinions, so please don't take this review personal, ok?
P.S.2 I don't hate any of the girls. I really like some of them. The fact that I'm not interested in any of the new girls, doesn't mean that I'm against them

Well, that's all for today.
yay!, party


Well, not really but after a long, REALLY LONG TIME, here they are:


Awwww.... I'm so happy to see them together! For real, this last Aya's tour it has been really awesome! and the fact that she was part of the production team makes it even better! For what I've read, many celebrities has gone to her concert and that includes the 85's gen!!! if you don't know who they are, well they're Maki, Yossy, Miki and Rika.

Like Matt said at his forum:

"Having listened to all the fanrecordings I must say I'm impressed with the tour. Aya the Witch certainly had a higher energy level (and is probably the one that I will watch again and again for that), but this year Aya declared "creating memories" as the motto. And she certainly did that. It is her most personal tour by far. No two concerts are alike, not only because of the change-ups in the setlist but also the lengthy correspondences she has with the audience. Everyone who has visited one of the shows can truely say that he/she had a unique experience. And that is quite a feat."

Like him, I really like Aya The Witch too (one of my favorites concerts ever) but this one is definitively going to have a special value <3 Aya is simply amazing! I really hope I can go to one of her concerts one day and now I have 2-3 years to save enough money for it! It would be like my present to myself for my graduation XD

SO... Yomiki is getting back little by little (that's what I want to believe XD) and I say it because now they are going to be, along with Yuko and Kemeko, new regulars in Young town, although is only one of them with Ai-chan and Sayu per show BUT something is something! yeah, I'm in a stupid fangirl mode now >_> got a problem? j/k XD I just hope that tomorrow I'm back to normal because I have a whole image to keep on school  XD I already have an stupid day last week so that should be enough for while jeje

Ok, going to sleep now.
Buenas noches!!!

shouji &amp; mikitty

Awww... kawaii

Yesterday I was watching this video of the 26jikan that dorkidoki upload and it was really moving and funny too.

There were really cute Shouji&Mikitty moments... when she was cheering for him during the race and in the end when all the members of the hexagon team were given a speech it was moving, they almost couldn't talk and after Miki speech Shouji was really adorable...

"kawaii nee~"

was all he could say XD
which made Miki (and the others) laugh and cry at the same time

then he cried like a big baby and Miki couldn't help but laugh too, then his friend Shinagawa said something to him, I think something about he (Shouji) has to be cool (I'm not sure, I just heard the word kakkoi and I though it would made sense) so once Shouji has calm down he apologizes XD

"gomen nasai"

hahaha he was quite cute

Other thing that I noticed was that after that segment I didn't see Yocchan again, Nacchi and Yuko weren't there either... maybe they have some work to do.

Anyways, while watching that vid I was thinking about what the others girls could be thinking watching all that interaction (cute interaction <3) between Mik and her husband, and when I write girls I mean the momusu girls. I think Miki is the first momusu girl who has been seen together with her husband/boyfriend in TV like that, I want to think they feel happy for her and I don't know, maybe a bit melancholic or something... Ahhh, I should stop thinking too much.

To finish, there was this cute moment (yeah, another cute moment XD) between Shouji and Miki, when they were put together I think she got closer and smelled him, then he ask her something and she made a cute face <3 <3 <3
This is my version of their dialogue :D

"I think you stink a little"


"Just a little"


well, that will be for today

yossy, yocchan

My first post!

Hello there, I want to use this first post to explain more or less what this diary will be about. Sorry if you don't understand some things from time to time but english is not my native language, but in any case feel free to ask me to explain it again ^^

In this dairy I'll be writing anything that comes to my mind so there'll be posts about things that I like, for example music, movies, animes but especially expect a lot of posts about my favorite fandom haropro, better known as Hello! Project, although actually my favorites are already ex-haropro members so you will see a lot about them too.  Also, sometimes I get on stupid mode so I could write really random things so just laugh at it or ignore it XD

If you know me from some forum (H!O and HH especially) then you will know which are my favorites members ever, if you don't then here it is:

#1 FOREVER: Yoshizawa Hitomi

#2 FOREVER: Fujimoto Miki

#3 FOREVER: Matsuura Aya

#4 FOREVER: Goto Maki

#5: Ishikawa Rika

I didn't include the FOREVER in Charmy because well, that place was empty for a while and she just occupied it. Maybe I need a little more time (and videos to watch) to give her the FOREVER standard XDD
As you have noticed all of them are graduated members, but from the current haropro I guess my favorites are Miyabi, Sayumi, Risako and maybe Reina. I'm not saying I don't like the others, they have they're hilarious moments too and leader Taka is an amazing singer, I hope that she has a successful solo career once her time in momusu finishes because she deserves it.

Wow! I extended too much there, it was suposed to be just an introduction. Anyways, I'll try to post whenever I can and don't let this die. Also if you want to know my opinion about some topic (preferably something you think I will know) don't doubt to ask me or if you want me to give a try to some singer/group, an anime or a movie, please tell me. I'm interested in knowing new things and talk about them with other people.

Ok, that will be all for this post. Leave a comment if you read this, I would like to know what do you think about it or if you're fan of haropro or any of the girls I mentioned let me know it too. I would like to make new friends